Izana: Basic Capabilities

  ​Data Profiling

Intelligent discovery and Catalogue  

Understand characterstics and statistics about data. Can perform Single column profiling, multiple column profiling, row profiling and table profiling. Analyze patterns that help steward Data Quality rules  

Make better use of the comprehensive metadata management module, providing central storage of information about data. This makes it much easier to retrieve information about data that helps in analysis and architecting solutions.  

Entity and Attribute relationship

Extract, Transform and Derive Data

It now becomes much easier to discover and document relationships between business terms at a semantic, logical and Physical levels. This helps simplify complex structures, and their relationships at various usability levels  

 Connect to disparate data sources and Extract data, transform and derive data elements. Export the reports as required, as in available formats.

                                 Izana: Additional Capabilities

Data Quality Rules Discovery

Critical Data Identification

Automated data quality rules discovery, like consistency and validity based on the data lifecycle stage

Inputs your Balanced business scorecard and priorities, and provides 10% or the percentage of the data that you would want to manage at a priority

Data Rules Management

Service based Data Quality Management

Backed by well developed data quality service based model that covers all the aspects of data quality assessment and monitoring. Features a notification based workflow along with easy to use interface

A clear distinguishing between policy enforcement, data quality, decision rules, business rules, Notification and threshold rules in the way rules are documented and managed.

IZANA data quality suite will be released for consumption in April, 2019.

Boasting an intelligent set of capabilities that disrupt the industry yet with standardized basic capabilities, Izana will assist your every data quality need

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